Degenerative articular changes in the wrist and hand

Degenerative changes (osteoarthritis) in the joints of the wrist and hand are common among the elderly population and following wrist and hand trauma. This can cause pain and significant functional limitation.

This talk reviews:

  1. The etiology of osteoarthritis of the wrist and hand.
  2. The typical physical examination and imaging findings.
  3. The nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for hand and wrist osteoarthritis.

Hand surgery overview

Surgery of the hand is a subspecialty that deals with the various pathologies of the upper extremity from the arm and elbow to the tip of the fingers. In addition to orthopedics it includes surgical elements traditionally used in plastic surgery and neurosurgery.

Hand surgery is the only accredited subspecialty in orthopedics in Israel. In order to be certified as a hand surgeon in Israel, one has to complete a two and a half year training program following the completion of an orthopedics or a plastics residency, and to pass both a written and an oral exam.

This talk reviews the spectrum of pathologies that are being managed by the hand surgeon.

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